This website is all about remembering. is short for something like "my own input/output", in a technical term. I have this domain since a few months now and always wanted to get rid of my current bookmarking schema: Whenever i come across something interesting in the interwebs, be it on twitter, a blog or mailinglist, i simply mail to my dedicated e-mail account. On the server-side google mail filters everything that i am sending to that account in a separate bookmarks folder. This works great, however, i want the links to be a bit more visual, and maybe annotate it over time.

I then got the idea that could be the perfect place to do just that. Getting the website setup is a nobrainer. But how can i keep the e-mail workflow that I am being used to? First i setup all the domain's dns to point to my web and mailserver. Then I added as a new imap mail account accepting mail from the outside world. A serverside script is checking that mail account every minute and when presented with a new e-mail, parses the contents of it, and uses Drupal's node api to publish a new "Link Post" article.

The nice thing is, that everyone can contribute and use this service on his own. Once you register on, you have to supply an e-mail-address. Whenever you send an e-mail to it will lookup the user database for a matching sender address. If found, it will publish the new "Link Post" to this website and reference it with your account.

You can then either directly access your link posts by visiting the site under or simply go to All Posts and see your link post mixed with others. Furthermore, it will be possible to tag, tweet and annotate those link posts by anyone registered. Primarily I did this for my own convenience, but maybe you will find this useful aswell. In any case: you are very welcome to contribute!

3 simple steps to use this service:

  1. Register your account (it's free) and enter your e-mail address you will be using to send mails
  2. Send an e-mail to
  3. Put the url you want to remember into the subject line, add (optional) additional information into the mail body

Best practice: Use a short description in the mail subject line, and put the link in the mail body. You can even have the link anywhere in the mail body, which in turn can be a longer description or a copied abstract from the target website.

Keep in mind: If you have not registered your e-mail address correctly, the server-side script won't be able to match your user account, and will delete the message immediately. I will not be able to recover it!

Additionally, if you cancel your account at any time on this site, all your contributed link posts will be deleted - permanently! I am and will not keep any records, besides the usual backups in case the site crashes.

Have fun!